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Breeding Life Cycle
Male Female
Age 5 (Maturity) Age 5 (Maturity)
2 days to build passion 2 days to build passion
Mating Mating
...Repeats 4 days of prenancy
Drop Unbirthed Pet
2 days of recovery
Age 99 (Elderly)
[Unable to build passion]
Age 99 (Elderly)
[Unable to build passion]

In order to build passion for mating the pet must be eating breeder food. When you swap from pet food to breeder food, the pet will go into recovery for 2 days be it male or female.

A pet will gain passion when they are age 5+, eat breeder food, their hunger is below 5% and they are not pregnant or in recovery.

It will take a pet 2 days to build their passion. When a boy pet and a girl pet both reach 100% passion and are within range they will mate. In the mating process they both loose their passion and the girl pet will feel a rumbly in her tumbly letting you know that she is now pregnant. Pregnancy then lasts for 4 days and once complete the mother will drop a new unbirthed pet (eg Cocoon) which can be birthed (eg Butterfly). The Mother then goes into recovery for 2 days after which she will then start to build passion.

If left to their own devices each pet will only breed with other pets of the same species owned by you. You can set them to breed with your pets only, pets within the same group or all pets in range. You can setup dates between two pets of the same species for selective mating, this can also be done with other breeder's pets. Dating is setup with the dating code which can be found in the Stats. You can access dating via the setup menu. You are also able to marry off two of your own animals. This option will show up when confirming a date between two of your own animals. When two animals are married they will only breed with each other until the marriage is broken.

Pet's will continue to breed from the age of 5 up until they reach elderly status at 99 days at which point they can no longer build passion to mate. If a female is already pregnant at age 99 she will finish the pregnancy and drop the unbirthed pet (eg Cocoon).