Butterfly Traits

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Starter Traits

Forest MonarchIvory StripeGolden HexagonalAmused
Tangerine MonarchAsh StripeLime HexagonalAnnoyed
Chartreuse MonarchTawny StripeAmethyst HexagonalBouncy
Ivory MonarchForest StripeFuchsia HexagonalDitzy
Jungle Bird WingAquamarine StripeIvory CircleMoody
Ember Bird WingNavy Tribal SwirlAsh Star
Fuchsia Dusk Swallow TailRose Stripe
Scarlet Tribal Weave


Scarlet Circle
Citrine Dawn Bird WingAmethyst StripeAmethyst CircleCranky
Cyan Dawn MonarchCrimson Flying VAsh CircleHopeful
Cyan Dawn Swallow TailFuchsia StripeCrimson HexagonalJealous
Daffodil Dusk MonarchGolden StripeIvory HexagonalNerdy
Fuchsia Dawn MonarchLime Tribal WeaveLime StarStressed
Golden Dawn Swallow TailRose Tribal SwirlNavy Star
Indigo Dusk Bird Wing
Lime Dusk Bird Wing
Pumpkin Dusk Monarch
Rose Dawn Bird Wing
Ruby Dawn Monarch

As the butterflies have be released, please nc Lynxin resident with your non starter traits and I will update them here.

A huge thanks goes out to the breeders that have been sending me nc's with the traits they have bred out, please keep it up :)