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We currently have 5 different types of consumables available. Once you rez out a consumable you will be given the option to use it as is eg the base effect or to play one of the mini games which is selected at random to boost the effectiveness of your consumable. Once you have selected use as is or have completed the game then click on the animal you wish too use the consumable on. Click on Consumables then on the consumable type you want to use. You will only be able to use the type of consumables that are available for that animal.

Consumable Time between use (Hrs) Base Effect
Snacks 0 Reduce hunger by up to 10%
Healing Kit 0 Reduce hunger by 100% and heal sickness
Passion Booster 24 Increase passion by up to 10%
Pregnancy Booster 24 Increase pregnancy by up to 10%
Recovery Booster 24 Reduce recovery by up to 10%

When you go to use a consumable item, an optional minigame will rez that will give you the opportunity to boost the effectiveness of the consumable. The game will be randomly selected from the ones below.


  • Memory - How many matching pairs can you find in 5 minutes
  • Tic Tac Toe - How many times can you win tic tac toe in 2 minutes
  • Whack It - How many times can you whack the mole in a minute

We plan to have practice mini games at our home sim and at our satellite stores in the near future so you can git good.