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Forest Friends HUD

The Forest Friends HUD is a handy tool that allows you to control your butterflies and has other time saving features.
Once you have received the HUD please add it and you will see the HUD in the default minimal mode.
Click on it to maximise and access the following Features:

  • [Button: "Red Circle with - "] Minimises the HUD
  • [Button: "Gear Symbol"] Opens a menu to enable or disable the auto-hide feature of the HUD
  • [Button: "GFFS (Control)"] Opens up the GFFS Menu
  • [Button: "My Portal"] This is a secure one touch login for your portal.
  • [Button: "Reset Portal Pass."] This will reset your password for your portal and give it to you.
  • [Button: "Visit Store"] This will randomly send you to one of our satellite stores.
  • [Button: "Eden Points"] This will tell you your current total Eden points
  • [Button: "Website"] Will send you to our website.
  • [Button: "Facebook"] Will send you to our facebook page
  • [Button: "Wiki"] This might be how you got here :)