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Forest friends breedable pet's are being released in the Second Life Grid.

It all starts with a free starter pack which come in different sizes. For example the tiny pack contains 1 male pet, 4 female pet's and a redelivery stump. You will need to purchase food in order for your new pets to be healthy and breed.

When a starter pet is birthed it will have starter traits with the potential to produce offspring with non-starter traits.

In order to build passion for mating the pet will need to be age 5+, eat breeder food, their hunger below 6% and they are not pregnant or in recovery. It will take a pet 2 days to reach 100% passion at which time it will look for a suitable mate or if you have paired it with another pet it will attempt to breed with that pet.

After 4 days the pregnant female pet will drop an unbirthed pet(eg cocoon) from which a new pet can be birthed. The cycle of life continues until a pet reaches the age of 99 when it will become elderly and unable to build passion. If a female is already pregnant at age 99, she will finish the pregnancy and drop the cocoon as normal.

We have set up a comprehensive breeder portal on our website. The portal enables you to view your pet's details, last known location, genealogy and to redeliver your pet's.

Once you have redelivered a pet you can then receive it in world via the redelivery stump. When a pet is redelivered all it's current stats are kept eg hunger, pregnancy, sickness, recovery, passion.