Terms and Expectations

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This is a closed beta and as such no butterfly or cocoon, may be transferred or sold to anyone not enrolled in the beta test.
For testing purposes we allow transfers and 0L sales between breeders in the beta test.

The forest friends Breedables group chat is there for you to ask questions, to seek help and be social with your fellow breeders. It the Forest Friends Breedables group is open to anyone who wishes to join and is not limited to beta testers. Persistent rudeness or disparaging remarks towards or about other avatars or companies are not acceptable.

The use of a Copy Bot on our product is prohibited. Please refrain from removing any objects or scripts from any of our products

Failure to adhere to these terms will get you banned from the group and also from the beta test. If you feel you have been banned in error please contact Lynxin Resident or Djmagick Cyberstar or send us a note card detailing the error for us to review.


  • To test as many butterflies as you can on your land.
  • To test all menus and features are working as expected.
  • Report all faults found via the feedback fairy with as much information and detail as you can.
  • To have your notifications turned on for the group during beta testing.
  • To ensure your butterflies are kept upto date