What is a Forest Friend

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Forest Friends, are a variety of animals that have embarked on a journey of exploration of the Second life Grid! The first to venture forth are the butterflies. To find out more read their story.

The forest friends are a Virtual Pet you can raise, breed, interact with and sell/trade.

  • They are exceptionally low Prim [exact prim weight will vary for each species of our forest friends]
  • They are ultra secure
  • They have the ability to "self redeliver" in case of a Sim issue [roll-backs etc...] no need to find a CSR
  • They will listen to your commands from ANY food - This is our GFFS or General Forest Friends Settings.
  • They update regularly with your "User Portal" and you can track their genealogy from the beginning of their genetic line to the current [FOR FREE!!!]
  • They will not DIE and RUN AWAY like many other Breedable Virtual Pet's. They will get sick if you do not feed them, but they will get better with a few days of rest, and some good food!
  • They all consume the same food as they all come from the Elder Holly Glade.