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<p>Portal Features:</p>
<p>Portal Features:</p>
  <li>View an animal's specifications in detail and it's children</li>
   <li>Redeliver your animals</li>
   <li>Redeliver your animals</li>
   <li>View their genetics</li>
   <li>View an animal's genetics</li>
   <li>Download a CSV spreadsheet for each type of animal</li>
   <li>Download a CSV spreadsheet for each type of animal</li>
   <li>Change your password</li>
   <li>Change your password</li>

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The breeder portal is situated in our website.

To gain access to your breeder portal you will need a password. You will receive this when you rez your first forest friends breedable in world or when you get your starters in world. You can reset your password via the food in world or via the HUD.

Portal Features:

  • View an animal's specifications in detail and it's children
  • Redeliver your animals
  • View an animal's genetics
  • Download a CSV spreadsheet for each type of animal
  • Change your password

Once you have successfully logged in you will then be taken to an overview of your animals. For each animal you can view a list of your birthed(eg Butterflies), un-birthed(eg Cocoons) or redelivered animals. You can also download the CSV spreadsheet which can be opened in MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc or any other spreadsheet program. Note: We are not affiliated with these programs, they are owned by their respective parties and we are listing them for the convenience of our breeders.

You can sort this list by clicking on the column headings (eg Name, Age, Gender) or setting the field and sort direction drop down menus and clicking sort.

Standard Sort Fields

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender - Female, Male or un-birthed(eg Cocoon)
  • Passion
  • Pregnancy
  • Region - Last recorded region
  • Relationship - Single, Dating or Married
  • Activity - Currently in world or out of world.

You can search through your animals by name or region. Click on name or region to change what you are searching by. Type what you are searching for in the search box and press enter or click search.

You can navigate pages through the page numbers or you can jump to a page by typing the number in and pressing enter.

To view more details about a pet you can hover your mouse over the row or if you click on the row a pop up will open for you to view that animals traits, stats and a list of its children.

Success.pngError.png The green tick indicates that the animal is currently in world. The red cross indicates that animal currently out of world. The red cross can be caused by the animal being redelivered in the portal, being in inventory or it was eaten by Second Life.

Redeliver.png To redeliver one animal you can click on the redeliver icon. To redeliver all the animals on the page you can click redeliver page at the top or bottom of the list. To redeliver all the animals within the search parameters (eg every page) you can click redeliver all at the top or bottom of the list.

To receive your flutters in world after you have redelivered them please visit your transportation podium in world. When a flutter is redelivered all it's current stats are kept eg hunger, pregnancy, sickness, recovery, passion.

Genetics.pngClicking on the genetics icon will open a pop up display of the genetics for that animal. For your convenience the Genetics can be tracked all the way back to the starters. Within the popup there is a link taking you to the genetics page for that animal, this is an external link that you can show to other breeders :)

Locate.pngClicking on the locate icon will open up an info area at the top of the page with an SLurl for that animal's last known position in world.