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Starter Traits


  • Ivory Stripe
  • Ash Stripe
  • Tawny Stripe
  • Forest Stripe
  • Aquamarine Stripe
  • Navy Tribal Swirl
  • Rose Stripe
  • Scarlet Tribal Weave


  • Golden Hexagonal
  • Lime Hexagonal
  • Amethyst Hexagonal
  • Fuchsia Hexagonal
  • Ivory Circle
  • Ash Star


  • Forest Monarch
  • Tangerine Monarch
  • Chartreuse Monarch
  • Ivory Monarch
  • Jungle Bird Wing
  • Ember Bird Wing
  • Fuchsia Dusk Swallow Tail


We will update a list of non starter traits here after we release the butterflies. This list will be updated as the traits are seen in world.